Quarterly PetsiBox with 4 Deliveries/Year Paid Annually


Pet Type: Dog

Pay Once, Save $20, and Enjoy Four Customized Deliveries Throughout the Year!

At PetsiBox, we believe in making pet parenting a delightful journey, and our Annual PetsiBox subscription offers an incredible opportunity to pamper your pet with convenience and savings. Pay upfront for four deliveries throughout the year, which will be the earliest to ship, and embark on a pet pampering experience like no other.

What's Inside Each Delivery

With the Annual PetsiBox, you have the power to curate an entire box of products, ensuring that it's tailored precisely to your pet's preferences and needs. Choose from a wide variety of treats, toys, and essential items to create a customized assortment that delights your furry friend. Whether you have a cat or a dog, our themed products are designed to bring joy to your pet's life.

Complete Customization

The Annual PetsiBox empowers you to make every delivery uniquely yours. Select treats that tantalize your pet's taste buds, toys that match their play style, and essentials that cater to their comfort. Whether you want cat-themed or dog-themed products, you're in control of creating a pet pampering experience that suits your pet's individuality.

No Cancellation or Refunds

Please note that the Annual PetsiBox subscription is designed for ultimate convenience and savings. Due to the upfront payment and exclusive benefits, this subscription cannot be cancelled, paused, or refunded. It's the perfect choice for pet parents who are committed to providing their pets with a year-round supply of customized surprises.

Join the PetsiBox community and embark on a year-long journey of joy, surprises, and pet pampering with the Annual PetsiBox. Subscribe today and experience the convenience, customization, and savings that come with paying once for four delightful deliveries!